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        Foodland Ontario
        Foodland Ontario


        Shoppers, farmers, and lol communities love farmers’ markets. Nothing is as fresh as the food grown, raised, harvested, and produced close to home. By purchasing from lol producers you are supporting entrepreneurs and employers, and keeping money in the lol economy.

        Pets are Permitted, provided they are on leash at all times, and their humans pick up after their needs.

        Please think of the environment and bring reusable bags while shopping at the market.


        Smoking is not permitted at the market.

        Countdown until next market Day!








        ? ~Join us for our Regular Market Date on Saturday July 30th from 8 am to noon!

        NOTE***Mobile Market # 3 is happening on Thursday August 11th at Heritage Park from 1-5!


        By: Jeremiah Hill!

        *Please park in the City of Barrie Parking lot at City Hall for access!

        Ever want to become a Vendor? Well you need to apply! See below for the tegories. If you are a community member the first link, the second link is for the Summer Artisan Path if you are a maker of amazing things, send this back to us.? Lastly fill in the full time app if you are full on committed to attending all the time or a farmer/ baker/ food preparer.?

        Once you have your applition ready, you n email it back to info@barriefarmersmarket.ca and the Committee will be in touch in about 2 weeks.